Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Agriculture Program (LEAP)

  • Hands-on practical agriculture coaching including nursery management, composting, and mechanized agriculture.

  • Class room instruction including agronomy, disease management, accounting, laws and regulation.

  • Entrepreneurship mentoring including presentation skills, public speaking, and co-entrepreneurship.

  • Interaction and exposure to Business and Thought Leaders.

Incubation Program (IP)

  • Low risk environment for apprentices to apply LEAP lessons learned.

  • Creation of micro-enterprise to allow apprentices to assume various roles including farm manager, farm engineer or technician, poultry/livestock expert, and marketing and commercialization roles.

  • Improve negotiating skills for facility access, logistics support, inputs, expertise, and sales/distribution channels.

  • Apply Wealth Creation and Retention concepts. 

Post Incubation

Access to startup capital from an accelerator fund will be available to apprentices to co-enterprise with TBF or start their own venture.